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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Argentina Approves Payment to France for Super Etendards

Argentina has approved payment to France for five secondhand Super Etendards. The approval was posted in the official gazette of the Argentine government on May 11. It follows an agreement between France and Argentina signed in January 2018 covering the sale of the aircraft.

However, delivery was delayed as Argentina did not pay France for the aircraft. Argentina owes EUR12.6 million ($15.1 million) for the aircraft, but has had difficulty coming up with the funding as it has dealt with rising inflation and continued economic difficulties.

Still, Argentina has placed an emphasis on acquiring the aircraft, so it came up with the money. Although Argentina's primary need of defending its airspace from drug traffickers does not require supersonic jets, there has been a large focus on acquiring that capability since the retirement of its Mirage III fighters in 2015. The supersonic fighters are important to defend airspace during international events and conferences, such as the upcoming G20 summit.

With Buenos Aires now officially approving the money, the delivery is expected to proceed without a problem.

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